new kitchen hardware

Thursday, May 29, 2014

A couple of weeks ago I finally got the last of our kitchen hardware installed.  It definitely looks a lot more finished in here now.
Here it is before the hardware. I told you that crap pile was always lingering around on my counter.
And with the hardware.
Ba-bam!!!  Doesn't it make such a big difference?!  Scroll back up, I'll wait.
We splurged on the RH Aubrey pulls in polished nickel for the white cabinet drawers (4 inch pulls on the two stacked drawers and 6 inch pulls on the others) ...
and the RH Gilmore pulls in polished nickel (6 inch) for the kitchen island drawers.

I waited on buying knobs because I knew I could find a cheaper alternative.  We saved by going with these knobs I found on Amazon for the doors (and dummy drawer below the gas top).  The finish perfectly matches the RH pulls, and were almost half the price of their coordinating knobs.

| SOURCES: drawer knobs . cabinet pulls . island pulls . Silestone Lyra countertop |

I am one happy camper!  No more flipping back my finger nails trying to open the drawers!  Bleh... just thinking about it again gives me shivers.
Oh, and one thing to note if you are thinking about ordering RH Aubrey or Gilmore pulls - The screws that come with the pulls had horrible reviews.  Many complained that all the screws broke apart during installation or became loose after use.  I did have one screw head twist all the way off when I applied too much pressure.  This was even with a hand screwdriver.  I was careful with remaining and didn't have any more problems.  I could see how you'd have a major problem though if you were using an electric drill - I wouldn't use one for these.  I also haven't had problems with the pulls loosening with use - the pulls have been on for almost four months now.
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  If you don't have hardware on your cabinets yet, do it!  If you're renting and can't make any holes in the cabinets I've got you covered, check out this post.

new dining room table and switcheroos

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I got a new dining room table last week!  This is 10 years in the making people.  Kinda still in shock.
But before you look at the photo, I feel the need to explain it first.  This was a phone pic I randomly took to send to my husband so he could see it.  I didn't get around to taking photos of it yesterday for the blog, but wanted to show you anyways.  I have a white pillow sham pinned to the seat of the cream slipcovered chair so I could see what new floor length slips might look like (that's how my brain works).
Here's the full table.
| via |
I love her.  She's so pretty.  But as most things do - one thing leads to another. 
Instead of just popping it into the dining room and calling it good, an avalanche started.  I knew I was going to need to make new slipcovers for the chairs, but I wasn't expecting it to look so crowded in there!  So, I decided to move the buffet out and place it in front of the stairway just to see how it would look.  I likey.  And pay no attention to the bench area by the door, that mirror was a place holder, and it's entirely different now.  It too fell victim to the dining room avalanche!
Now I've got a big 'ol plain wall in the dining room I need to think about.  Right now I'm not planning on leaving the skirted sideboard here.  I'm toying around with a large DIY art project in my head.
Instead of the new table finishing the room off, it tossed everything up in the air.  I think it's a good thing though.  Even if it is more work.
Has that happened to you guys before?  You bring in one new item and suddenly everything is getting moved and switched up! 

stuff I want | pretty jammies

Friday, May 23, 2014

Temps have been on the rise here in Houston.  The other night I was having a hard time getting to sleep since it was so muggy in the house.  This was even with the ceiling fan on - I can't imagine living without one at night.  I don't know about you guys, but when it's cold out I feel like I get a free pass to wear sweatpants and old t-shirts to bed.  I'm looking a hot mess, but hey, baby it's cold outside.  Now that's it warm out, I'm miserable wearing my usual stuff to bed.  And with young kids that randomly show up at your bedside in the middle of the night, going au natural isn't going to cut it.
I want, I need, something cute that will keep me nice and cool.  I've been eyeing the Plum Pretty Sugar stuff.  Pretty, lightweight, pretty, good coverage to wear around little ones, pretty, pretty, and pretty :)
Here's what's on my radar.
They all look so comfy!  And, I would totally use the boyfriend shirt as a swimsuit cover up too.
Added bonus - Any $75 purchase will get you a free tote.
What would you pick?

shark, you are dead to me

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A few days ago I had been like a week overdue on moping the wood floor on the main level.  Between Sam dropping his food on the floor at the kitchen table, to Archer running in with wet paws, and just plain living, it was well past nasty.  I went to pull out my trusty Shark mop to get cracking on it.  Filled her up, plugged her in, and got through about a 6'x6' area before the steam stopped.  For good.  Crrrrrap!!!!
I went to searching the web for tips on getting it to work again.  I tried them all.  No dice.  Apparently Sharks regularly have problems like this that can't be fixed.  After banging it around in frustration I decided I don't need no fancy steam mop.  I've got a perfectly good regular mop!  An hour later (and what felt like the back of an 86 year old) I decided I do in fact need a fancy steam mop.

This morning old girl was sent to "the farm".
The neighbors across the street already think I'm a complete freak (another story for another time) so instead of using my big camera, I tried to act all nonchalant and used my iPhone down next to my leg for this pic :D
I'm now on the hunt for a steam mop.  I want to know what you guys have and love, and even what you have and hate. 

I'm fessing up...

Friday, May 16, 2014

Today you guys can find me fessing up at Little Black Door!
Elizabeth has a super fun series, Fess Up Friday, that you must check out.  Get the poop scoop from bloggers themselves that you wouldn't normally find on their blogs.  It's good ;)
And while you're there, if you haven't already seen this amazingness, check out the bathroom she just completed for her One Room Challenge.  It's killer, and you wouldn't believe what the before looked like.
See you there!

zoo bugs and pillows

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Yesterday I met a friend at the zoo and let our kids run around together. 

Izzy was ECSTATIC the entire way there and was beaming when she walked in and saw a rhino statue.  She immediately demanded a photo.  Let's not discuss the horn.
You wouldn't notice it, but there's a little photo bomber in the picture.  No not Sam.  This guy.
I didn't notice him until I took another and saw something running toward Izzy's head.
Blech.  It was some nasty looking roachy thing!  Izzy about impaled herself trying to get off the rhino.  And that freaking thing hoped off the rhino and started following us!!!  Think the little roach pet in the movie Wall-E, but not cute.
Anyways, after surviving the roach encounter and a long day at the zoo, I stretched my worn out kiddos a bit further and ran into Tuesday Mornings so I could grab some down pillow inserts.  I had bought some fabric for new couch pillows the day before and wanted to get cracking on them.  Five minutes and two meltdowns later I had my inserts and was on my way home.
The couch needs some change, and I've only got part of it figured out yet.  I'll get you guys some pictures once I get the other pillows made.  It's already looking muuuch better.
ALSO, check back here tomorrow because I've got a guest post I'm doing over at a fabulous blog.  It's fun, you'll want to check it out ;)

master bath peek + new rugs

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Since moving in, I've not done anything to our master bathroom.  It needs some primping.  The other day I found a couple of cute Dash and Albert rugs that helped dress up the floors by our vanities.
My side
 His side

I've got a few things on my to-do list in here:
1) We didn't upgrade our mirrors in here (or anywhere) and I'm planning on DIYing a surround.  I'm thinking something like this and this.
2) I've got to come up with cabinet hardware, but I've not put any thought into that yet.
3) I've got my eyes on using this accent table as a stool in place of what I currently have.
4) Window treatments.  What to do about those.... still not sure.  I've got a privacy film up on the window above the tub, and there are no houses that can see in from the window by Mike's vanity so I'm not in a rush.  Maybe bamboo blinds like the rest of the house.  I'd love some fabric on the tub window.
5) Remove the towel rod above the tub and add art instead.
Not major things here, but I think it will really help warm things up.  In the meantime, I'll be loving on these cute little rugs!

living room chair options

Thursday, May 8, 2014

We desperately need more seating in our living room.  Two matching arm chairs have always been on my Nice to Have list, but once we moved into the new place they moved up to the We've Gotta Do Something list.  I'd also like for them to be nice chairs that we can get a lot of longevity out of. 
I'm thinking gray for a few of reasons: 1) I don't want the chairs to match the couch; 2) I want upholstered vs. slipcovered and a darker color would help hide any accidents; 3) it could help tie in the dark gray curtains I have up in the dining room and master bedroom; and 4) it's a neutral and could be worked into d├ęcor changes.
Here are the top three I'm thinking about in the space.  I'll end up bringing down a little accordion table from Sam's room to place between them, and will add pillows.  But for simplicity, here's the plain chairs.
| Thurston - My favorite as far as looks go, but I have no clue how feels/sits in person.  Reviews seem positive. |

| Cardiff - Love the tufted back and nailhead trim, but it wasn't the most comfortable.  Maybe the right pillows would help |

| Carlisle - SUPER comfortable, but is it boring? |
Oh, and I also need new couch pillows, so I cropped in some of those as well so it helps with picking the chairs :)
What's your favorite???

tv gallery wall | progress

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Thank you all for your supportive comments on my PADD!  It's nice to know I'm not the only one suffering ;)
The tv gallery wall got some work this weekend while my mom was in town visiting.  I'm always so productive when she's here.  The TV finally got mounted.  It took three of us half of a day to get it hung and working again - no joke.  No wonder we put it off for so long.  Once that was over with I started in on placing some frames. 
I need to play around with the spacing, paint a frame black, choose art (the only ones staying are the botanical watercolors), and decide whether or not I'm going to put the antlers up in the bare spot. 
I have no clue what to do about art.  I'm thinking some feathers are going to get framed in the large black frame, but other than that I'm at a loss.  It always overwhelms me and I never know where to start.
Do you guys have some go to places for art?  Do tell!  

project ADD

Thursday, May 1, 2014

I've got a bad case of PADD (Project ADD).  I can't seem to focus on one project at a time.  I just keep bouncing around, aimlessly.
Started in on Izzy's room makeover, but haven't done anything since the wall decals.  I could have been making her bed pillows, but haven't.
I moved the mirror out of the front entry to the skirted table by the stairway, and now I need to come up with an alternate plan for the front entry.  Haven't.

Just mentioned in the last post about doing a gallery wall around the TV.  Stalling because I can't figure out how to mount the TV.
So instead of finishing those projects, I decided to start a new one yesterday.  A gallery wall at the top of the stairs.
The frames are all hung, but it is FAR from finished.  I need to add in some photos, reprint some of the existing photos in black and white, and paint the curvy mirror frame.  Not a HUGE job seeing as how the hard part is already behind me.  But, I'll more than likely walk away from it for a while and create new projects for myself before finishing this one.  Gah!
Tell me I'm not the only one that suffers from PADD?  Ha!  Do you guys bounce around like me or are you all out until the finish line?


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