Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I've been putting off writing this post because it's still too tough.  On Sunday, January 12th, we had to put our sweet pup Ruffino to sleep.

You may have remembered me asking for prayers a few weeks ago.  Initially we weren't sure what caused his stroke.  But as time went on, he stopped getting better and then suddenly got much, much worse.  They now believe it was a brain tumor that caused the stroke and then caused his health to rapidly decline.  We woke up that Sunday morning knowing he wasn't going to make it much longer and didn't want him to experience the pain that seemed to be taking over.

We miss him so much.  There is a huge hole missing in our family.  I miss hearing his feet click across the floors, his big yawn and shake in the morning, and of course him coming up to me with those big brown eyes and leaning in for love.  There are still paw prints on the wood floor in our bedroom.  I can't bring myself to clean them up.

Ruff was such an amazing boy.  He loved us so much, and we loved him even more.  He was patient with our children, exploded with personality, and was honestly the best dog we could have ever imagined.  What a blessing he was in our lives.

Ruff Dog, I love you with all of my heart.  You are my very good boy.  I know you'll be there waiting for me when I get to Heaven.  I can't wait to see your sweet face and to rub those velvety ears again.  I love you.

living room changes

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A while back I had switched up some things in our living room and never got around to snapping some pictures.  I wanted to make sure I took some since we're now just a little over a week out from moving!  Eeeee!!!!
Not huge changes, but I did switch out my black and white ikat drapes for some clean white ones.  You can read more about my crazy cheap go-to drapes here.  Removed my only colored pillow, and made it a little more earthy.  Earthy??  I don't know if that's really what it is, it's not like I've got a patchouli thing going on over here, but you get what I mean.
Anywho...  here's what we've got going on in here now.  I'm feeling it much more.

I've not packed a thing up in preparation for this move.  We're literally just moving to the neighborhood across the street.  It's going to be a toss in the trunk thing for most of the little stuff.  No sense in packing it up all carefully.  Of course now that I've said that, I'll end up breaking my non-breakable stuff on the way over.  That's just how it always is isn't it ;)

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pottery barn's gothic lantern look-a-like

Monday, January 20, 2014

Thank you guys so much for your input into which kitchen light to go with!  I'm going to wait to choose until we get all of our things moved in, and of course, give the wallet a chance to cool off a bit ;)
But, I did make one lighting decision!  Since we have an electrician scheduled to do some other work (including hanging our dining room chandy) it only makes sense to have him also switch out the fixture in our entry since he'll have his mega ladder and well... there's no way in hell I'm getting up that high to switch it out myself.
I knew I wanted a lantern in that space and kept going back to the Pottery Barn Gothic Lantern I mentioned as an option in the eat-in.  But at her price she was playing a little hard to get.
Luckily I came across her easy twin sister ;D
And she comes with FREE shipping.  Done!
Too good not to share.

kitchen lighting | which do I chose?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I've been trying to figure out what fixture would be a nice choice for the eat-in portion of our new kitchen.  I've already purchased the island pendants so I know those are a go.
I've spent way too much time going back and forth so I want to get your thoughts.
Hold on to your panties, because I'm about to hit you with photo overload!
| Bolton |

| gothic |

| hundi |

| clift |

| sawyer |

| capiz |

It must play nice with my kitchen table and chairs.
And will need to be able to get along with this guy that I brought with us for the dining room.
| eclipse |
A lot to ask, I know.  Which would you go with?

kitchen hardware | new house

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Last week I finally made up my mind about what hardware to go with in the new kitchen.  I've flipped back one too many fingernails pulling open drawers without pulls or knobs in the house we're in right now.  I decided I needed to have hardware ready to install the day we close on the house.
Here's the latest picture I have of the kitchen from last night (pendants will be switched out to these).
These are the images I keep going back to for hardware inspiration.
| via |

| via |

| via |
I ordered Aubrey pulls from RH for the drawers on the main white cabinet drawers.
| via |
And Gilmore pulls for a set of three drawers on the black island.
| via |
I snapped them up when they had 20% off, so I'm feeling pretty good about the purchase.  I'll pick up some simple knobs at Home Depot or Lowes for the cabinet doors.  Mix in a little low with the high.  Maybe something like this.
| via |
I've definitely not reinvented the wheel here by any means, but I'm excited.  Classic just can't be beat!

samuel | 12 months

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

As of right now we're going on 14 months, but hey, better late than never!
You've come a long way, baby.  But, I still remember the first time I held you like it was yesterday.
Samuel, you are such a joy.  My heart has grown so much since you showed up.  You are such a little boy.  Loud.  Messy.  Full of energy, and so much fun.  You are so proud of your self, and I am so proud of you.  Watching you light up at the sight of your daddy coming home from work just gets me every time.  We'll  keep it our little secret that you're a momma's boy.
Watching you grow this year has been bittersweet.  I know to enjoy each of those little moments as they are so fleeting.  Enjoy kissing those little feet before they become stinky boy feet.  Enjoy smooching all over your face and watching you light up with giggles before it becomes annoying and uncool.
You're going to blow me away this next year, kid.  I love you, and I'm so blessed to be your mommy.
Looking Back:

Also, thank you everyone for your prayers for Ruffino.  We think it was a stroke that he suffered.  Yesterday he had a really good day - alert and interested in eating/drinking.  Today wasn't as good.  We're still praying it was a one time thing and that he recovers over time.  Please keep him in your prayers and I'll keep you guys updated.

prayer request | ruffino

Thursday, January 2, 2014

2014 really needs to get her ass in gear and turn it around for us.  So far, I'm not impressed.
Yesterday morning around 5:00 I was awoken by our dog Ruffino whining and struggling to get up from his dog bed.  Mike and I ran over to him and helped him up.  He had zero balance and couldn't stand on his own.  Mike lead him out to the living room so Ruff could try to stand on the rug since his feet kept slipping out from under him on the wood and tile floors.  He peed there.  Not at all him.  We finally got him outside and after a few minutes found him leaning against the fence for support.  Something was very wrong.  We got him to lay down on his bed, and we just sat there next to him staring at each other scared.   
Ruff is 9 years old (he was still a tiny pup in the pic above).  In these 9 years he has had cancer removed twice, reconstructive knee surgery, a rare muscle tear in his groin, and several other scary trips to the vet.  Each time we leave the vet we feel so blessed to have him with us still.

Ruffino was with Mike and I since the very beginning.  We adopted Ruff from the shelter a week after we got married, which was also a week and a day after Mike's mom passed away from cancer.  He helped us through a very, very tough time in our lives.  He has been right next to us through it all.
The emergency clinic we took him to isn't sure what's going on with him.  It seemed to have come out of nowhere.  All of his blood work came back looking good.  They think it's neurological, maybe a stroke, maybe a seizure, maybe a brain tumor.  He hasn't gotten any worse, but he hasn't gotten any better.  He has to get better.
Would you guys please pray for Ruffino?  We need him to pull through this. 


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