happy halloween!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

I know I mentioned last week that I was going to show you all the fun West Elm knock off I did, but the kids got sick and I didn't have enough time or energy to take photos.  I suck.  Next week.
So anywho, are you guys as excited as I am about stealing candy out of your kid's treat bags tonight?!!  It's like my favorite part of Halloween.  Of course seeing the little ones dressed up comes in at a close second!  This year is going to be cool since it's Sam's first. 
If you follow on Instagram you've already seen some sneak peaks of the kids' costumes this year.  Sam is going to be a little blue beetle and Izzy is going as Carlita.  You may be asking yourself, "What/who the heck is Carlita???".  She is a character in a Barbie Swan Lake movie that is a skunk by day and a sassy Latin nymph by night.  Yes.  That is what my daughter wanted to be for Halloween.  I know.  So we're rollin with it and dressing her up as a skunk in a tutu.  She's happy.  Momma's happy.
And since it's Halloween we're taking a little trip down costume memory lane.



Hope you all have a safe and fun night, and that your little ones score the good candy!

controversial design trends

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The other day I saw an article from HGTV titled, The Most Controversial Design Trends Ever.  I figured I already knew what most of them were, but wanted to see what they had to say about it and how much of it I was guilty of.
Here's how I did.
Guilty.  There's one on the yellow pillow and two perched on top of the mirror in the hall.  And I just remembered there's even one on my blog. 
Guilty.  Looks like I'm not off to a very good start so far.
So... here's another one I'm guilty of.
Well crap.  Guilty again.  On a side note, this is a bad picture of him, he is looking gooood lately!  And, still alive.  Up top!!!

Son of a...  Guilty.
Got excited.  Thought I finally had a win, but no.  Guilty.
One on the wall.  One in the window.  Ugh.  Guilty.
Although they're currently not up in my house, I already have some I'm itching to put up in the new place.  So technically, guilty.
| via |
Awesome.  I just ordered some big ones for Sam's birthday next month.
Oh come on!  I was going to do this in the pantry in the new place.  Sad face.
I could go on and on, and at the rate I'm at would be guilty of all of them.  At first I was slightly bummed to see that I'm so easily swayed by trends.  But the more I think about it, I really don't care.  It's not like every corner of my home is covered in chevron nor do I have birds staring at me at every turn.  What I do have makes me happy and I want to be surrounded by happy things in my home.  I'm guilty, so be it!
How do you guys feel about these design trends?  Are you guilty?  Are you so over some of them you could scream if you saw it done again?  It's ok, you won't hurt my feelings ;)

onesie to t-shirt

Friday, October 25, 2013

Sam is getting too long for a lot of his onesies, but they still fit him everywhere else.  He's long and lean, baby!
A super simple fix and we're back in business and are getting a lot more wear out of his onesies.  Added bonus is that I actually prefer the look of the regular t-shirts to the onesies with pants or shorts.
Here's the tutorial that is so simple it's not really a tutorial.

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That's it.
Don't you just love a quickie??! ;)
I'll be back next week with a fun West Elm knockoff that I think you'll likey!

that's what she said | my old mom

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Last month I started a new little series, That's What She Said, where I share some of the nuggets that come out of Izzy's mouth.
Well.  The other night we had another.
Looks like it might be time to schedule a hair appointment ;)

shabby apple dress review

Monday, October 21, 2013

The sweet folks at Shabby Apple contacted me to review one of their dresses.  I've seen their dresses all over blogland, but had never tried one for myself, so I was supa dupa excited when it arrived!

When ordering something online, I do get a little nervous right as I'm opening the package.  The fingers are crossed, "Oh please, oh please, oh pleeeeeease be awesome!!!"  They did not disappoint!
I chose their Racquet Club dress.  The stripes and little box pleats at the waist suckered me in.

The fabric is a nice and sturdy cotton.  No need for a slip.  The seams are nicely sewn and the fit is true to their size chart.  With this particular dress I ordered according to my waist measurement since the skirt was nice and full.  It's a little snug across the chest and shoulders, but I expected that as I have extremely broad shoulders.  Even with that, it's a very comfortable dress.
The thing I like about Shabby Apple dresses are how they're modest without looking like it.  I think that's because they style them to have a fun vintage clothing look.  It's a dress I can wear while holding my son and not worry about him yanking the neckline down, and where I can also bend over to pick him up and not worry about it being too short.  One incredibly embarrassing moment at an all male booth at Round Top will have you giving your necklines a second thought when holding a small child.  Just saying...

And yes, the one hand on my hip is the only pose I've got :D
Now that I know I'm going to like the quality of their dresses, here are a few that are on my radar.  Pretty sure one or two need to get in my closet quick, fast, and in a hurry.
| one . two . three . four . five . six |
Which one is your fav?  I think the blue one on the top right will need to happen for fall.
Keep up with all things Shabby Apple and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!

masculine office

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Now that we have a desk for Mike's new office, it has me thinking about how the rest of the office might look.
I definitely think the desk needs to be refinished a dark wood tone.  No paint.  And I'd looove to put in some dark gray built-ins along the back wall of the office where there is a second desk top built into the center of the built-ins.  That way he can have his multiple computer screens at the back desk with the computer stashed out of sight in a vented cabinet, and the wood desk would be a clean and open workspace up front.
This is going to be his space alone.  It needs to have a full on masculine feel to it.
| via |
And who wouldn't want a super bad ass library ladder.  Pretty sure I'm gonna have to find a way to make that happen.
| via |
| via |
| via |
| via |
| via |
| via? |
Ok, so I say it's going to be his space alone.  But I'm pretty sure I'll be stealing it while he's away.  Especially if it has one of those cool ladders.  I won't be able to contain myself.
I'm so ready for him to have an office he can really use.  While we have one in the house we're renting, there is zip, zero, zilch storage.  All the junk laying around forces him to spread out on our dining room table to work.  Ready, ready, ready to be done with that.
Do you have a dedicated office in your homes?  Do you like them feminine, masculine, or a mix of both?

craiglist office desk

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I've got a new project!
Mike told me he found a desk on Craigslist he thought might work for his new office (as in new house not close to completed, and have no clue if it will actually fit well in the space).  I took a look at it and told him to go ahead and snag it up.
It's really solid, and I like that it comes apart.  I didn't put it back together when I took these pictures, but there's a large back piece that attaches the two drawer sections together and a drawer that slides under the top between the two sections as well.

It needs some TLC, but I think he'll (for whatever reason, I've decided this furniture piece is a boy) turn out handsome in the end.
Unfortunately, TLC includes stripping.  Something I've never been good at.  *har har!*  Going to be giving the Citristrip gel a shot and see how that goes.
By the way, I TOTALLY heard you judging my filled-to-the-brim-with-crap garage that is peeking out from every angle behind the desk.  All I have to say is, that ain't nothing.  You should see the pulled back photos.  It's such a mess of things still in moving boxes and the daily randoms tossed haphazardly.  I'm sure they're are slithery creatures living underneath piles of boxes that I don't even want to know about.  Crap... I just gave myself goosebumps.
And, on a side note, I've replaced the granny panties I mentioned last week.  Yea!!!  Thank you guys so much for your feedback and recommendations!  Thinking my husband and I need to have a burn party for the oldies :D

round top goodies

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Last weekend I hit up Round Top for the first time with my mom and a friend.  We had SUCH a great time!
The place was packed with awesomeness as far as the eye could see, and beyond.
I do think my favorite venue was Blue Hills.
| via |
I loved everything there.  Not too big, not too small.  It was just right.  I felt like the prices there were really fair too.  Oh, and they had nice restrooms.  Definitely something you'll appreciate out there where porta potties are sometimes your only option...  in sweltering heat.  If you do find yourself in that unfortunate porta potty scenario, I recommend finding a parking spot way out in a field where no one can see you.  Just saying. 


Despite wanting to take home almost everything I saw while shopping around (minus the real elephant foot turned stool - for reals), I was a good girl and only brought home a few goodies.
My absolute fav find was this dough bowl I picked up from Old World Anteiks at Blue Hills.  I lurve her.  She smelled like yeast when I gave her a bath in the kitchen sink.
I also picked up this olive bucket at the same place.  Those things were all over Round Top.  Planning on using it to hold wood for our outdoor fireplace in the new house.  Can't remember where the small metal containers came from nor what they were called (held starter plants), but I'm thinking they would be great with some succulents inside.
I also stopped in at the Junk Gyspies place.  You're not going to find a bunch of antiques there, but it was a really cool store with some fun stuff.  I've been wanting a little glass box, so when I saw this one, it came home with me.  Don't know what to put in it yet.
Oh, and I picked up another rack of antlers.  For $10.  Bam!  Didn't get a photo of those.  Just felt a little weird.
Anywho, I'll definitely be hitting it up again in the Spring.  Hopefully I can drag some furniture pieces back with me next time!
Personally, I wasn't thrilled with Marburger Farms.  Everyone said it was a MUST see, but I just thought it was all so stinking expensive.  I don't even think I'll bother stopping by them next time.
Have you guys hit up Round Top before?  What do you think?  What did you find?!


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