garlic & spinach white pizza

Thursday, September 27, 2012

You may have heard me say this before, I'm not the biggest fan of cooking.  I usually end up loosing track of time so I'm always scrambling last minute.  So, dinner must be easy to toss together with minimal prep.
I think this pizza recipe came from a Rachel Ray magazine my mom gave me years ago, but I'm not positive.  I ended up tweaking it to make it even easier on myself.
WARNING:  Made from scratch purists, shield your eyes.

  • Heaping tablespoon squeezable minced garlic
  • 4 teaspoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • 1 tablespoon cornmeal
  • Refrigerated pizza dough (I use Pillsbury thin crust)
  • 1/2 bag of real bacon recipe pieces (about 5 tbs)
  • 10 ounce package frozen spinach, thawed and squeezed dry
  • 1 cup mozzarella shredded cheese (I use part-skim)
  • 1 cup ricotta cheese (I use the lowfat version)
PREHEAT oven to 425 degrees.
Grease a baking sheet with 1 teaspoon olive oil and dust the pan with the cornmeal.  Unroll the refrigerated pizza dough, and stretch it over the baking sheet. 
While the dough is resting, add the spinach to a small skillet over medium heat and warm it up. Season the spinach with salt and pepper and then set aside.  Mix together the remaining olive oil with the minced garlic (you can add more or less oil and garlic depending on preference) and spread over the pizza dough. 
Top the dough with the spinach and ricotta.  Then toss on the bacon and mozzarella cheese.
BAKE for 15 minutes.  Then, lower temperature to 400 degrees and slide the pizza off the baking sheet directly onto the oven rack and bake for an additional 5-10 minutes or until the cheese browns (you know, don't burn the darn thing). 

Sorry for the lack luster photos.  I was HUNGRY, and didn't take time for beauty shots ;)
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minature mounted menagerie

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

This weekend I worked on putting together part of a gallery wall for over the changing table.  Still have a few more things to decide on and get in frames blah, blah, blah...  But, I couldn't wait to show you this piece of art.
Miniature Mounted Menagerie!

Seriously, is that not freaking awesome!!!  Some of you guys probably already saw that I had my eye on this project from the pin in my nursery board.  I couldn't wait to tackle it.  And, since I already had the frame and the spray paint, this project only cost me $3.00 for the toy animals!
 I got the idea from Harper's Happenings, and you can click here or on her photo below to see her full post and tutorial.
And, because sometimes I have the humor of a 10 year old boy, just in case you missed it...

I couldn't help "butt" use the elephant's butt.  I figure it's a boy's nursery, and what boy isn't going to get a kick out of that, am I right???
Oh, and some of you may be thinking we have settled on a baby name from the framed G.  We are still flip flopping between names!  I actually printed out a couple of letters, and just tossed one in the frame for the photo :D
Also wanted to give you guys a heads up that JUNIEblake just sent me an email announcing their upcoming fall line.
Looks like it's gonna be good!  Head over to JUNIEblake on Facebook to check out more.

accordion table and nursery progress

Friday, September 21, 2012

My metal accordion table has arrived!
You know, I'm glad the DIY table was a fail because I'm quite smitten with this one.
It snuggles in perfectly right next to the glider.  I'm a happy camper!
So... the nursery has taken a turn from it's original plan.  SHOCKER.  I'm such a flip flopper when it comes to this room, and I'm still not sold on the new direction.  We have a boat load of Afghan rugs that my husband brought home from the Middle East, so I figured I might as well give one of them a home in here.  We shall see if it stays ;)
I also just finished the crib skirt.  It's a pinstriped linen that reminds me of a men's suit.  Here's a little peek for you.
Hopefully I can get crackin' on the rest of the bedding next week and do a little somethin' somethin' with those plain white curtain panels.  I'm starting to hit that exhausted phase where all I want to do in my spare time is sleep.  Not good news for a nursery that is FAR from finished.
Here's a little random nugget for you.  I've got House Hunters on in the background.  Do you ever just want to reach through the tv and smack some of those people???
"There's too many stairs!  I'm not giving up wearing my heels, it's too much work to climb up and down stairs wearing heels all the time."
And how many times do we have to hear this jewel, "Well, the closet will work for MY clothes, but I don't know what you're going to do with yours."
Where do they find these people?
Ok, I'm done with my little rant.     

giraffe gets a tummy tuck

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Anyone who has met Izzy has more than likely met Giraffe.
He has been there since Day 1, and goes EVERYWHERE with her.
When she turned 2 we even had a birthday party based around this little guy.
Over the past 3 1/2 years he's obtained a few battle scars and has been need of a little nip/tuck.
I've been promising, and promising that I would get him fixed for her.  The other day she came to me in tears.
Time for surgery.
Surgery went off without a hitch, and Giraffe is now sporting the tone and tight tummy of his youth.  And, he even has an upgrade...
Sa-weet pockets for major snuggling satisfaction.
You are welcome Izzy.
What was that???  You want the old part back on???
Oh yes she did.
Thank God she has since changed her mind.

DIY failure

Monday, September 17, 2012

So... I had this brilliant idea to make a side table for the nursery.  It was based off of this rustic DIY bookcase.
{via HGTV}
I was going to make it smaller.  Picture the base and the next shelf up as being the top of the table.  I was just going to use a thinner piece of wood for the base and top, because I'm fresh out of gorgeous reclaimed barn wood ;)  Where in the world do people find that stuff anyways?!
Anywho, I'm thinking this will be an awesome little table I can whip up on the cheap.
Couple of problems with that:
1)  Not so awesome
2) Definitely not cheap
I went ahead and purchased the materials (even though I had a mild heart attack when I saw how much a key item was) hoping that when I saw it roughly thrown together at the house I would feel really good about it and go through with the project.
Here's the failure.  Keep in mind I didn't do anything with the wood pieces or legs.  It's literally just tossed together so I could get an idea.
After I saw it tossed together I knew it wasn't going to be worth going through the process of distressing and staining the wood, and spraying the floor flanges black.
It was going to be ugly no matter what!
And do you what to know how much ugly was going to cost me?
Pipes ($6.32 x 4) = $25.28
Flanges ($8.24 x 8) = $65.92 (that's what made me pass out in the store)
Wood = $6.45
For an ugly table.  That I was going to have to MAKE.
So, I returned everything and got this for $75.00.
All is good again in the world ;)

the preschool post

Friday, September 14, 2012

It has happened.  Izzy has finally had her first full week of preschool.

Can I get an AMEN!!!

The first day was more parent orientation and filling out of paperwork so I never actually left the building.  But, she handled herself like an old pro and didn't skip a beat, and I patted myself on the back for not crying.
I could have kicked myself in the butt though for not bringing my big camera in with me.  I was worried the other moms would be all, "look at that mom!!!".  Stupid right???  So unfortunately this is the only picture I have of my baby walking away to meet her class.
Ugh... bummer.
She had a blast and was eager to show me what she made...
And was being syrupy sweet asking for some sour gummy worms when we got home.  How could I say no?  Except that I might have already eaten the rest the bag the night before.  Whoops!
Yeah, felt pretty bad about that one.
Anywho - I had a hard time picking a favorite photo so how about we do a little montage!
I just love that little stinkbug.
We're so proud of you kiddo!!! 
Oh, and I did cry after all.  This Tuesday was the first day of going through the drop off line where you pull up in the car and the teacher walks them into the building.  You're strictly told to not get out of the car.  So, no hugging and smooching your little one as they head off :(  The tears came on full force as I pulled away watching her walk up to the building. 
So bittersweet isn't it.

sweet inspiration

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Earlier in the week I had Jessamie over here for the Inside My Bag series.  Click here to see her post.  This week on her blog, Bird & Branch Redesign, she is doing a series on bloggers that inspire her and she was sweet enough to include me!  *cue- goofy grin*  She's one of those bloggers that I would love to hang out with in person, I just know we'd have a blast.

If you didn't get a chance to swing by and say hi to her earlier in the week, be sure to check her out now and see who's inspiring her.  You may even find some new reads!

Alrighty, I'm out.  Gotta go mentally prepare for the preschool drop of line :/

Izzy's babymoon

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

With a new baby on the way, my husband and I had been talking about taking Izzy on a babymoon.  One last hurrah as the only child.  Disney World was tossed around, but by the time we got around to deciding a destination, I wasn't up for squishing myself into a plane and then walking all around the park in insane temperatures.  So, we opted for a road trip down to Dallas.  Ok, so maybe it was IKEA that lured me in, but it was still going to be all about Izzy ;)
 Day one we hit up The Dallas World Aquarium.  What a cool place peeps!  They had the most incredible rainforest exhibit for their birds.  And let me tell you, it smelled AMAZING in there.  No, not being sarcastic.  They had incense burning throughout, and if I closed my eyes it smelled and sounded like I was at the spa.  Not something you can say about most zoos, am I right???
The aquarium portion was also killer.  Kind of appropriate that Izzy chose to bring her stuffed lobster with her on the visit.  She ended up using it to taunt the monster crabs they had.  The biggest hit for her was the manatee who was very friendly and all about getting up close for some photos.  Of course I didn't get a good picture of the manatee, all you get here is the picture of me swimming in the tank.  Hardy har har :D


Day two we hit up the Fort Worth Stockyards.  Izzy was PUMPED about seeing the cattle drive.  She had been talking about seeing the "cows with the twisty, twirly horns" for days.  So in our normal style, we got lost and Izzy was crying thinking she was going to miss it.  We pulled onto the main road, traffic was a mess, and I literally jumped out of the car with Izzy in tow and HAULED it to the site of the drive (of course, forgetting my good camera).  Thankfully they were running a little late and Mike was able to park and meet up with us in time.

End the end we had one happy girl.  Even happier when she found out she could actually get on a longhorn!  In her own words, "SCORE!!!"

1,400 pound animal with my 31 pound baby on its back.  If the 100 degree weather wasn't making me sweat, that sure was!
On our way home we found a Mellow Mushroom.  Have you guys had their pizza before?  HEAVEN.  We had one when we lived near Columbia, SC.  My mouth is watering thinking about their pretzels right now...  Izzy approved and didn't want to leave without hugging the Mushroom Buddha :D
And, the trip wouldn't have been complete with a trip to IKEA. Um, SCORE!!! I finally was able to get a hold of some Expedit storage shelves I've been lusting after for years. I'll show you guys what I did with the big one I put up in my sewing room later. You know, once the dust settles from the wild hair that caused me to do an organizing overhaul in there. The nesting thing is no joke.
All in all it was a fun trip.  So glad we did it.
What do you guys think of taking kids for a babymoon?  Have you done it, where did you go?

inside my bag - bird & branch redesign

Monday, September 10, 2012

Time for this month's...

Today I'm super excited to have the lovely Jessamie over from Bird and Branch Redesign!

On top of having killer hair (I've got a bad case of hair envy) she has great style to boot.  Since I've got baby on the brain, I just had to show you the nursery she created for her sweet little girl.

I know, right?!  I so love those colors together.  And would you check out how perfectly it matches my blog?  Yep.

Here's Jessamie!!! (I'm thinking Johnny Carson right now, ha!)

Pretty syked when Shelley asked me to be a part of her Inside My Bag series.  I mean have you seen some of the awesome ladies before me?  Of course you have.  So when she asked me to dump my bag how could  I say no?  I was actually dreading it, but it wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be.  Kudos to me! Anywho, yall caught me on a good day, because I'm actually changing from my Summer bag to my Fall bag.  Don't lie, you get so excited to switch bags, too. My Fall bag, well, I'm totally in lurve with it.  I got it in January this year, so only used it for about 2 months, and now it feels like new. {Nila Anthony}
Minus a receipt, and an empty laughy taffy wrapper, this is what's going on. There's usually a coupon folder in there, but I've been in panic mode for the past month because all of the sudden, it's gone.  Vanished.  It's probably in G's play kitchen or something...
Here's the brake down:

{1} Really pretty Forever stamps that I'm trying desperately to hold on to.
{2} My Dumb-dumb arsenal for when G is over Mommy fabric shopping or thrifting.
{3} Crayons...again, arsenal for when the waiter is taking too long.
{4} Hair bows, no explanation needed.
{5} Eyelash curler & Mascara, because if those make it on my face that day, it's on the go.
{6} See that t-tiny orange heart, that's a ring our neighbor gave G.  She loves it, but Mommy & Daddy....
{7} A pen from our honeymoon over 4 years ago and still going strong {pun intended}.
{8} Alieve...for when #2 & #3 aren't enough.
{10} My all time favorite lipstick, L'Oreal's Coral Seduction.
{11} Just because I've switched bags, doesn't mean I've switched out my Revlon mint green nail polish.
{12} Carmex...duh.
{13} My knock off Hobo wallet from Target.  Absolutely LOVE this thing, had it for years.
{14} My little Louis pouch that holds all a lady's unmentionables.
{15} My array of keys...because clearly I collect them.  Sadly, none of those are even my everyday keys.
So that's it folks.  It feels so good to be carrying my new again Fall bag today... hopefully the weather will follow suit.
Thanks again for having me, Shelley!  Keep rocking that bumb!


Loving that fall bag! I'm too stinking lazy to be good about changing bags. I really think I might be the only one who doesn't. I certainly didn't get that from my mother, she changes them about every two months.
Seeing her lollipop collection reminds me I need to stock mine up again. We've had too many meltdowns in the store lately and blew through them. She has now taken to my gum. Not cool. Especially when I have troll breath and go for the gum only to find it has been cleaned out :/
Carmex - can I hear a hellz yeah?! I have THE WORST permanent chapped lips, and this is the only thing that works. Love.
Thanks so much for hanging out with us today Jessamine!


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